The blood of Christ is enough

What does the blood of Jesus mean? It means that God is satisfied. Am I able to approach Almighty God saying, “I know that the blood has satisfied you.”? That is the faith of Christ; when His faith is my faith then I am able. When I do believe this I have a living peace with God. This is attacked on every side, and I must decide: is the blood enough for me? It is enough for God, is it enough for me?

I must make that decision by the word of God which proclaims our relationship with God based upon the blood, and by the Holy Spirit which testifies to our conscience of the work of the blood. And I must make that decision for myself so that I can also make it concerning you. Is the blood enough for me concerning you? When it is enough, when its satisfies me, for myself, for you, for all others, then I am at peace with God, with myself and with you.

In and from that peace I may truly represent God in this world. I speak of sin, and righteousness, and judgment from peace. I bear witness to the presence of God with peace. I am one with my wife in peace, I respond to my boss in peace, I read the newspaper in peace. And every attack against that peace I answer with the blood of Jesus Christ: for me, for you, and always before the Father. Jesus, there is no one like you.

To hear and to worship

My salvation is not my helping God, but my allowing Him to be in charge of me. Every word of God is for His glory, and my deliverance. My pastor has sought them out, led by the Spirit, and preached them to me line upon line. He is the one who tells me that if it is in my Bible, then it is for me. So when God says to me, “The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” it is personal, it is immediate, and His Holy Spirit guides me into application for my life.

If I know God He is in charge. If I am in charge, I do not know God. My imagination was not given to me to create or to rule; it was given to me to appreciate and respond. Many people would like to tell me all their opinions concerning God and man; my pastor, from his own meek submission to God, has God given authority to reveal by the word of God that Christ is Lord, and that my worship of Him is only true worship if it is according to His will and not my own.

To worship by the instruction of the Lord is a blessing in my life that I have been learning, am learning now, and will be learning for the rest of this life. Thank you for that kindness to me Father.

Christ: God’s will for me

If I really know God, I will be satisfied with whatever God has me doing. It is not the details of living that satisfy, but God’s life. I must grow in my love for God, grow in patience as well as all other aspects of love. I cannot see the path of my growth, I can only see today’s correction, instruction, and provision. I am supported on this path by my pastor who has gone on before me: led by the Spirit, already having faced the challenges I am now facing. His satisfaction with God alone is what enables him to speak the words that reveal just how satisfying God is, and how second rate everything else is. His rod and staff do comfort me.

When I am walking by my flesh I only consider God’s will when my flesh is satisfied; this is  backwards and does not work. My fleshly desires are never completely satisfied, so if I ever do consider God’s will, I am not humble before it, and never honestly and purely submit to it. When I am submitted and obedient to God’s will, then new, divinely originated desires are created within me that lead me to hallelujah.

Though I am ready to agree that my wicked desires should be cast down, only a godly pastor is going to tell me that my good, but self originated desires do not deserve to be pursued. My strength, mind, and heart have been given something so much more precious to cleave to: Christ, the will of God for me.

Joy to the world

If I am designed to be fascinated with God, and I am not fascinated with Him, from that lack I will continually seek. There is quite a difference between enjoying the world God has made as the Holy Spirit leads me through it for the lovely purposes of God, and continually seeking new stimulation on my own because I have not followed the Holy Spirit and am trying to make up for that lack.

The beauty of this world is in its connection to God. Hope exists because there is God. Our God is the One who said “Joy to the world!” Without Him we are left with counterfeit. I can give you a gift because I have joy with God, or I can give you a gift because of some other reason. The joy with God is incomparable. I always want to know if I am giving you second best; it is never necessary, communion with God is always available. From my communion with God you are never given second best.

I believe in the faithfulness of God, that is my confession to you. When you receive that gift, in peace with God, every gift you open is wondrous.

Do I have a godly memory?

I have been reading through a notebook from 2006, notes taken during my pastor’s classes and sermons. He has gone to be with the Lord, but the value of the word spoken has not diminished. They are a delight to me. Here are  a few examples:

I do not wait for a filling of the Holy Spirit, I believe and obey for that filling.

I am foolish when I think I need the Lord only when in emergency; it is wise to understand that I need God completely at all times.

Can gold be bought for 5 dollars per ounce? No. It must be bought for its value; it is the same with truth.

A God with whom you can name the place and time and price, is a God you do not need.

There must be a unity first, between myself, the word, and the Spirit, then others can enter into that unity and God can bless it.

Finances are not going to cause you to serve God more!

I have the capability of feeding you 7 days a week, 3 times a day if you want it. (This was true of him, and is true of me also if I am walking by the Spirit)

We praise God with understanding; without understanding, it is not praise.

What is the distinction of soul and spirit? What are their specific functions? A doctor can tell me the difference between my liver and kidneys, and I should be able to tell you soul and spirit.

My schedule take sin perhaps 80 years, and finds no place for any other; God has a schedule for me based upon eternity.

I am so thankful to God for the loveliness of His word in my life through His spokesman. I have been shepherded wonderfully, and it has been and continues to be life to me. Thank you Jesus, thank you Father.

A joyous accounting

If I am not under the word of God it is not possible to for me to receive godly counsel. If life is not being ministered to me, the rest is purposeless. God loves to give me life. My pastor loves to give me life; he is a pastor according to God’s heart, he feeds me with knowledge and understanding. When these things are available to a person, second best is no good at all. When our choice is life, or something other than life, the something other is no good at all. Human wisdom is foolishness to God.

So, do I want God, or do I simply want what He can do for me while I stay alive in my own way and life? The natural man is not happy with truth because it uncovers him as untrue. The language of it tells him he is not in charge. Great patience is required of a pastor; a pastor should not shepherd anyone he does not love. I am in need of the rod and staff of the word of God in the hands of a man anointed to shepherd God’s children. My pouting because I cannot have my way in God’s family is not a surprise nor is it effective, God will have His way. I must be taught that it is better to be a child of God than to be the king of my own imagination. When I believe it, my pastor can give an account of my soul with joy.

Living by the strength of God

If I need to “take a break” between spiritual works, my flesh has gotten involved. All of my living may be spiritual because the provision for it is never ending. I am designed, and my spirit is quickened, for constant communion with God. My cooking and cleaning may be as spiritual as my teaching and praying. I do not disdain small things, but enjoy them with God. I am not overwhelmed by large things, but enjoy them with God also. When the schedule God gives me is too much for me, that reveals my mind has the plans of a different life. My pastor addresses my will repeatedly to keep the choice for spiritual life ever present before me. When I choose it, God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Spiritual prayer is made after I discern the will of God, not before. If I know God I do not occupy my time asking Him many questions. Until I am corrected and instructed, I spend much time asking God for what I want, but not what He wants. I must get to know God, it is His desire for me that is the only good living. He is worthy of nothing less than my adoration; and it is in worship that I receive the value chosen for me.

There is no university that can prepare me for that which is worthwhile like the pastor that God has chosen for me can. I learn who God is, and in that knowledge I know who I am. I do much listening because listening to God is good, and when I speak, I speak by the touch of God: His word to my spirit. Thank you Father, for the intimacy you choose with us.

Nothing more and nothing less than God’s desire

God’ word is a weapon of resistance: it breaks down the enemies lie. The enemies lie is that we shall be as gods; all other lies grow out from that lie. From beginning to end God’s word reveals that we shall be God’s people, only men and women, nothing more, exactly as He desires and provides for: He created mankind, saves them, teaches them, gathers them to Himself, feeds them and opens their eyes, and He is to marry the church. God despises the other so called gods and declares that clearly to His people. Word by word God has supplied me through my pastors with the weapons to meet each temptation: so that I know I can do nothing without God, and that He is doing all I need as He gives me need.

God has such lovely purposes for all of this: His purpose is to have all things manifest Christ, and to make people to be like Christ, having the life and glory of Christ. Satan rebelled, man fell, and now God wants to unite man with Himself so He can use us to deal with the rebellion and bring all things back to Himself. So He worked redemption, that Christ may be the centrality of all things. My eyes can be so small when I see Christ: only partly seeing what He has done, and very little of who He is. But God’s plan encompasses all creation and includes Himself personally. As He deals with all creation He never lets me go. His word is greater than I, His mind is greater than mine, so in humility I receive the mind of Christ, and I may enter into all the work of my portion of God’s plan.

Come as a child

If I am going to respond to God’s call by faith, then there needs to be a process of preparation that I submit to in faith. It is childish for me to think I am prepared for spiritual things because I have been much trained and educated of mind, will, and emotions. The training of my soul by the world according to its wisdom is the opposite of spiritual training, it opposes it. So I come to church and the word and the pastor having been prepared to oppose faith, and think that by that training I can promote faith. If I am not to remain childish I must be taught in a spiritual order what God has done, what He is doing, how I receive those things, and how He manifests them through me according to my obedience.

I develop the spiritual senses I am born again with by living spiritually. I have to become what I was made to be. Just as a newborn infant cannot develop without someone feeding, clothing, housing, exercising, and training it in all its senses, the same is true of me when I am born again. I am as helpless on my own as that newborn, because I am newly born, this time spiritually rather than naturally.

I always need to know where my soul expression comes from: my laughter, anger, eagerness, hesitation … I have to  distinguish between all the voices that are talking to me, and know where they are coming from. I do not discern a counterfeit by studying the counterfeit, but by studying the true, once I know that which is true, all counterfeits are easily able to be discerned. When I receive the full portion that God has given my pastor for me, it is no longer hard or confusing to discern my motives, purposes, and expressions: they either have the character and life of Christ, or they do not. Father, thank you to be able to see!

Open eyes and moving feet

A revelation is something I agree with, not something I “think about.” A revelation is beyond my comprehension except for the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives revelation, with help for spiritual understanding, for the purpose that I will respond by faith: a living interaction between God and I. He does not give revelation for any other purpose. Just so, a Spirit led pastor preaches that I will have decisions to make: believe, or disbelieve.

When I disbelieve I may outright disobey, or I may disobey by inactivity: reasoning over the revelation, but making no decision by faith. But when I respond to what is preached there is simple obedience unto the glory of Christ, no hesitation, no figuring things out, because faith has opened the door of understanding, and with understanding the next step is taken in the light.

Reasoning over knowledge is not Christianity; there is no power in that. Classes in church are not like those in college. In college you are in class so you can receive something for the purpose of going on to bigger and better things; in church we are in class that God might make His home with us here and now. I keep the word preached for His presence with me. There is no bigger and better than that.